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Grevys Safaris excels in offering clients an authentic experience by connecting them with local communities who have a deep connection to the land. Our goal is to establish enduring and equitable partnerships, enabling genuine and unscripted interactions. Through this approach, we have gained insights into wildlife, nature, and the environment by blending traditional wisdom with expert knowledge. As part of our commitment to responsible travel, we strive to minimize our impact on the destinations we take our guests while ensuring a socially responsible approach.

Looking for an Africa holiday, or need some travel inspiration for your next holiday? Grevys Safaris is the perfect place for you. Our trips include VISITING  AN incredible wildlife encounters AND  climbing the highest mountain in Africa MT KILIMANJARO 5895 MT HIGH FROM THE SEA LEVEL . Join us right away for an unforgettable African holiday of a life time.

We design exceptional safaris with wildlife and adventure in Tanzania and East Africa. To guarantee outstanding safaris and holidays, our team of professionals explores every location in which we are experts. We design tailor-made holidays that encompass a country’s attractions, take you off the main path to visit lesser-known, pristine locations, and consistently work to provide you with unique wildlife encounters.  Your unique requirements, chosen accommodation and interests are our top priorities.

Tanzania is an exciting country that offers thrilling and distinctive experiences, stunning scenery, ancient traditions, and maybe the highest concentrations and variety of wildlife you will ever witness. Think of riding in a hot air balloon above the Serengeti while interacting with the fascinating Maasai and Hadzabe tribes of Tanzania. What about exploring the roof of Africa, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or relaxing on a beach in Zanzibar? These are just a few of the unique destinations, adventures and experience that we offer.

Find Your Dream Trip

We offer a collection of travel experiences and can help find the perfect adventure for you. If you’ve always been fascinated by elephants, join us on a Tarangire safari to see the great herds on their home plains. Do you love high mountain vistas and learning about new cultures? Take a trek through Africa’s highest peak “KILIMANJARO” with our experienced guide. Browse our website then give us a call—we offer the dream trip you’ve been searching for.

Why Book with Us?

“If you only visit two continents in your lifetime, visit Africa – twice!” * R. Elliot

At Grevys Safaris, we prioritize the utmost care to guarantee that your Tanzania safari becomes an unparalleled adventure. We acknowledge any apprehensions you may have about embarking on a holiday so distant from your home and in an unfamiliar setting.

Yet, please rest assured that your arrival will mark the beginning of your stay as a valued guest, and your departure will be accompanied by newfound friendships. Our proficient safari specialists have aided numerous travelers in curating the ideal fusion of luxury and exploration. Regardless of your preferences—be it mountain climbing, hiking, trekking, wildlife observation, cultural village visits, town excursions, or even souvenir shopping—our experts will ensure the realization of your aspirations. 

With extensive experience spanning several years in the field, we are committed to your contentment from the moment you first connect with us until you embark on your journey accompanied by our skilled guides in well-maintained vehicles. We are dedicated to leaving no stone unturned in guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Responsible Travel

We are making a difference. Just choosing to travel with us, directly contributes to the preservation of the land, wildlife and people in the areas we operate.

In Our Hands

24/7, 5 day a week, you have access to our unique Concierge service, which will assist you throughout your journey, as well as give-up-to-date information on travel regulations requirements in each of our destinations.

Travel Experts

Our Travel Specialists never send a guest anywhere they haven’t been themselves. They come with a wealth of planning expertise and know the latest government regulations, border requirements and logistic possibilities.

Finest Guides

Expect the finest interpretive experience from our incredible private and specialist guides. Our adventure guides are hand-picked for their expertise and ability to personalise your journey.

Our Guides

Our guides are the absolute best in the business. They are all locally based, meaning they know the area you’re exploring like the back of their well-travelled hand. They are naturalists, archaeologists, photographers, and mountaineers, yet all share an extraordinary knowledge of their destinations, and a passion to share their worlds with you. 

Our Vehicles

Our fleet of vehicles includes thoroughly maintained five and seven passenger 4×4 Toyota Landcruisers, complete with pop up tops butterfly windows for incredible views for photographers and refrigerators filled with refreshing beverages. We ensure that all vehicles are stocked with safety equipment, including radios, spare tires and first aid kits.