Immerse yourself in a day spent alongside the Hadzabe people, an ancient group of hunter-gatherers residing in the vicinity of Lake Eyasi, a stunning soda lake nestled within the Great Rift Valley of East Africa. Observe their enduring traditional lifestyle and their profound connection to the natural world. Guided by a Grevys Safaris guide, participants have the chance to interact with the Bushmen and gain insight into their age-old hunting methods, survival expertise, culinary practices, and cultural traditions. This experience transports you to a bygone era, offering an unquestionably genuine cultural expedition into the rural landscapes of Tanzania that unveils the lesser-known world of these captivating individuals.

Among the few remaining tribes of hunter-gatherers in the world who inhabit the rugged bushlands, Hadzabe men embark on solitary quests for sustenance, returning with treasures like golden honey, succulent fruits, or hearty wild game whenever it becomes accessible. Women venture out in larger groups, gathering vibrant berries, nutritious baobab fruit, and underground tubers, adapting to what nature provides. During the wet, rainy season, their diet centers around the sweetness of honey, complemented by colorful fruits, tubers, and occasionally meat.

Adapting their dietary choices in accordance with the changing seasons, this tribe demonstrates remarkable skill, selectivity, and opportunism in their pursuit of sustenance. With only themselves to rely upon for nourishing their families and community, they exemplify resourcefulness and resilience.

Cultural visit to the Hadzabe
Cultural visit to the Hadzabe1