Teeming with a diverse range of cultures from across Tanzania, the quaint Mto Wa Mbu town is situated at the gateway to Lake Manyara National Park. Functioning as a local agricultural center, the town is renowned for cultivating rice and the distinctive red bananas emblematic of Tanzania. A guided half-day tour through the town allows visitors to engage with local farmers, as well as artisans, craftsmen, and painters. An opportunity to savor the local banana beer introduces a distinctive local flavor.

This hub of cross-cultural interaction is inhabited by around 120 tribes. Serving as a vibrant and flourishing village, it’s captivating to listen to the vibrant medley of languages and directly observe the unique traditions. The diverse cultural tapestry is evident in various entrepreneurial endeavours.

Mto Wa Mbu cultural tour
Mto Wa Mbu cultural tour2