Empakaai Crater, a collapsed volcanic caldera, boasts dimensions of 300 meters in height and over six kilometers in width. Nestled within its center is Empakaai Lake, an alkaline pool that plunges to a depth of 85 meters and blankets three-fourths of the crater’s floor. Positioned atop the commanding rim of Empakaai Crater, you’re treated to captivating vistas, including the distant snowy cap of Kilimanjaro on the eastern horizon, the expanse of the Great Rift Valley, and the presence of Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano.

This full-day expedition is an exploration of the awe-inspiring Empakaai Crater. With its floor hosting a serene lake and its encompassing walls draped in dense forest, the caldera offers a panorama of immense natural beauty. Clear days grant views of Ol Doinyo Lengai, Tanzania’s most recently active volcano. While the steep incline requires a certain level of fitness, the journey through the lush forest, adorned with ancient strangler fig trees and vibrant avian life, proves to be a rewarding endeavor. The path leads to the lakeshore, where a sight of flamingos and a variety of waterfowl awaits.

As you traverse the hiking route, immersing yourself in the splendid scenery, chances are high that you’ll encounter several animals, including blue monkeys, buffalo, bush buck, waterbuck, and a diverse assortment of bird species.

Empakai crater hike
Empakai crater hike1