Embark on a mindful exploration of the vast Serengeti plains, discovering numerous often unnoticed natural marvels. Liberated from the confines of roads and vehicles, experience Africa on foot, accompanied by an adept guide from Grevys safaris and a Serengeti Park Ranger from Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA). This intimate and dynamic adventure accommodates a maximum of eight walkers, including six guests and two guides, promising to enrapture your senses and reward your every step.

Follow your guides with cautious steps as they unveil the mysteries of Serengeti National Park. Equipped and well-versed in knowledge, your guides will not only introduce you to the grand and diminutive wildlife of the region but also its incredible array of plant life. From your distinct ground-level vantage point, meticulously trace the very trails of Serengeti’s most cherished animals, draw closer to nature, and take care to observe the reserve’s tiniest inhabitants diligently at work.

Spanning approximately 1 to 3 hours of walking, contingent on the group’s capabilities and enthusiasm, a guided nature walk offers an exceptionally unforgettable and uncommon opportunity, showcasing the African wilderness in its most authentic and unrefined form. Enthusiastic birdwatchers and avid photographers will find themselves in their element.

For your safety and comfort throughout the walking expedition, your guides adhere to stringent protocols and possess thorough familiarity with their surroundings. This adventure is open to participants aged 16 years and above.