Things to Avoid While Going
on a Safari In Tanzania

A comprehensive guide of everything you need to know while going on a safari in Tanzania!

For those who enjoy adventure, Tanzania is the perfect destination. What makes this stunning country truly magical is how it provides the opportunity for you to immerse yourself in its spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife. Lions prowling the dusty savannah and elephants creating waterholes are just a few of the many wild mammals you can encounter in this country.

Things to Avoid While Going On A Safari In Tanzania – Grevys Safaris

While the allure of Tanzania is certainly astounding, there are some things you should NOT do when going on a safari. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Here’s a comprehensive list of everything to avoid while going on a safari in Tanzania.

Things to Avoid While Going on a Safari in Tanzania

Even though Tanzania has something to offer everyone, you should be aware of cultural differences, respect the people, and follow proper protocol.  Let’s avoid that imminent faux pas without further ado, shall we?

Not Researching Properly

Doing your homework before going on a safari is essential. It is highly advised that you research/ask your tour operator about different types of safaris, any vaccinations or medications needed, and Tanzanian food.

Types of Safaris

This enchanting nation in East Africa is home to many safari locations worth exploring. Planning a trip that covers all your favorite spots can be daunting. While the general rule is that you get the service you pay for, some services are tailor-made for you to have the very best experience. If you are looking for an exclusive adventure that meets your preferences and needs, then we recommend private services, lodges, and guides.

Vaccinations and Medications

Researching doesn’t just pertain to where you stay. It is crucial that you check for any appropriate vaccinations and medications required before traveling. Travelers often bring anti-malaria medication but if you need any sort of vaccination, consult a reliable physician and schedule an appointment. Try to do this at least six weeks before departure.

Tanzanian Food

No matter where you go, you are bound to come across people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Similarly, you are also going to encounter different types of food worldwide. In Tanzania’s case, it is easy to find accommodations that serve food that appeals to you.

Tanzania is capable of satisfying even the pickiest eaters or people with strict dietary restrictions. You can either immerse yourself in the local food, or you can stick to what you like. If your taste buds are looking for adventure, though, research the kinds of foods that will be served and make sure you know what you want to try and what to avoid.

Not Packing the Right Clothes

There is a popular misconception that safaris usually take place in warm weather and you only need to wear light clothes. However, temperatures do drop at night, so it is key that you pack clothes to stay warm in chilly winds. Always pack clothes based on the season and the type of environment you might be in.

Make sure your clothes respect the local culture and blend in with the environment on safari.

Not Listening to Your Guide

When your guide tells you not to do something, DON’T do it. Safari guides go through lengthy training, making them experts in dealing with the African wilderness. Your guide knows what they are doing, so when they tell you something, trust them and follow through because it is most probably for your own good. Remember, your guides want you to have the safest and best possible experience.

Seeing Specific Places Or Animals

It is totally understandable if you were expecting to see the Big Five. But it might not always be possible. While our guides are immensely skilled at tracking down wildlife, you can’t expect animals to stay in one place or out in the open, and there is nothing your guide can do about it.


Of course, you can tell your guide which particular animals you would like to see, but since nature is unpredictable, they might not always be able to deliver. So be patient.


Always Tip Your Guide

Even though Tanzania is famous for its safaris, it is a developing nation. For the people working there, every penny counts. Tipping your guide is a great way to show them your appreciation. When you go on safari, you will see a lot of people helping you along the way. From the trustworthy staff to your chefs. By tipping them, you will not only help them but show that you value their hard work.

Forgetting that Animals Can Be Dangerous

Hippos are one of the most peculiar creatures to walk our planet, so you wouldn’t want to pass up a chance to see them. But did you know that they are also one of the deadliest animals in Africa? So as tempting as it is to get close to baby hippos, remember that mama hippo might be right behind it.

Hippos aren’t the only dangerous mammals you can find in Tanzania, though. That cute elephant might just charge your ride, and the cuddly cheetah you just saw might be on a hunt for its prey.

Don’t feed the animals, pet them, shout at them, or make any sharp movements. Listen to your guide and enjoy admiring that lion cub from a safe distance so as not to disturb them.

Not Bringing Appropriate Photo Equipment

The best thing about going on a safari is that you get to see abundant wildlife in its natural habitat. It is only natural for you to want to remember everything you saw. The pictures you take will help you remember all the blissful moments you had while on safari. People sometimes underestimate the number of photos they will take and find themselves without enough memory space. Have a backup in case the camera malfunctions, the battery dies, or your memory card is full.

Forgetting to be in The Moment

Going on a safari can be both magical and life-changing. Thus, it is understandable why you would want to take pictures of everything you see and do. But, more often than not, people forget to be in the moment because they are constantly running to capture the perfect image. Please remember that if you spend all your time behind the camera, you separate yourself from the moment. Going on a safari can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thus, you will only achieve the best of both worlds when you leave with mesmerizing photos and magical moments ingrained in your memory.

Take in the fresh air, look at the animals, and interact with the locals – trust us, you won’t regret it.


Experience Tanzania’s Allure


While some of the things listed in this article might seem obvious, don’t let these dont’s keep you from going on a safari. We are only reminding you that to enjoy your safari to the fullest, it is always best to come prepared.


A Tanzania safari experience is unparalleled. Prepare to get your mind blown, because once you go on a Tanzania safari, you will find yourself talking about it for many years to come! That being said, see you in the bush!