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“If you only visit two continents in your lifetime, visit Africa – twice!” * R. Elliot

Looking for an Africa holiday or need some travel inspiration for your next holiday? Grevys Safaris is the perfect company for you. Our trips include visiting an incredible wildlife habitats and climbing the highest mountain in Africa Mt. Kilimanjaro 5895 meters high from the sea level. Join us right away for an unforgettable African holiday of a lifetime.

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Think of riding in a hot air balloon above the Serengeti and interacting with the fascinating Maasai and Hadzabe communities of Tanzania. What about trekking Mount Kilimanjaro or relaxing on beaches and exploring Zanzibar archipelago? These are just a few of the unique destinations, adventures, and experiences that we offer.

Discover Tanzania and Africa with us

We design exceptional wildlife and adventure safaris in the popular destinations of Tanzania and other East African countries. To guarantee outstanding safaris and holidays, our team of professionals explores every location in which we are experts.

14 Days

Ultimate Honeymoon Safari & Zanzibar

10 Days
Explore Calving
10 Days

Explore The Great Migration & Mara River

Find Your Dream Trip

We offer a collection of travel experiences and can help find the perfect adventure for you. If you’ve always been fascinated by elephants, join us on a Tarangire safari to see the great herds on their home plains. 

Do you love high mountain vistas and learning about new cultures? Take a trek through Africa’s highest peak “KILIMANJARO” with our experienced guide. Browse our website then give us a call—we offer the dream trip you’ve been searching for.

Climbing & Trekking

What about exploring the roof of Africa, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro?

7 Days

Marangu Route

8 Days

Machame Route

9 Days

Lemosho Route

7 Days

Rongai Route

7 Days

Shira Route

More Climbing &
Trekking Destinations

Tailor Make Your Holiday

We design tailor-made holidays that encompass a country’s attractions, take you off the main path to visit lesser-known, pristine locations, and consistently work to provide you with unique wildlife encounters.

Explore our most Popular Destinations

You’re a step closer to your dream East African safari. Explore any of these top Tanzania destinations and start planning your trip with our safari travel experts.

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Travelling in Africa can often be expensive, and most of the time, it is the only opportunity you to travel to visit destinations. 

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We are a company of travelers, committed to creating outstanding travel experiences for our guests.

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